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Sikhism: What are Sikh beliefs on Inter-Faith marriage?
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Q: What are Sikh beliefs on Inter-Faith marriage?

A: Sikh Gurus showed a lifestyle which one can follow to meet God. It is better to get married to someone with whom you share similar beliefs. Sikhism does not state that marrying out of religion is wrong or a sin. However, for Sikhs, human life is a chance to meet God and to have a life partner who shares the same belief helps both to strive for and reach this goal.

The more a married couple has in common, the more likely their marriage will be successful. Sikhism is a modern religion, and instructs that all humans are created equal. In no way Sikhism states that one should not marry another human because they are less of human or inferior. Neither does Sikhism state not to marry anyone from another religion. All humans are equal but people from different religions do have different beliefs. So, it is best to find someone who shares the same belief system as you or you both would like to learn and grow spiritually in the same path.

In order to live a peaceful spiritual lifestyle to accomplish the purpose of the human life, one should get married to someone who agrees with and would like to follow the teachings of Sikh Gurus so that the couple can together carry on their journey to be One with God. To clarify, the teachings of Sikh Gurus are not focused on belonging to a particular religion, the teachings value becoming a good person, helping others, and loving God.

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