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Sikhism: How do Sikhs look at people from other religions?
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Q: How do Sikhs look at people from other religions?

A: Sikhs believe that Sikhism is the simplest and most straightforward way of realizing the present of God, to be One with Him and attain salvation. However, anyone who truly believes in One God and worships One Almighty God is on the right track.

Sikhs believe that all those that believe in One God, irrespective of their faith are devotees of God, whether he is a Sikh, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, or a Muslim. Where does the name Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Christian come from? It comes from the source that inspired you. If you happen to be in this part of the world and you were lucky enough to meet Jesus, then you became Christian but you are still a devotee to God. Sikhs happen to be in a part of the world where they happen to become familiar with Guru Nanak Dev Ji's principals. Sikhs call these sources of inspiration and they believe that there is no need for anyone to try to convert people to replace their sources of inspiration. It is completely wrong to knock on people's door to tell them that their belief is no good and ask them to follow their source of inspiration. However, if a person is completely out of track and is worshiping deities or other humans instead of God, then it is our duty to enlighten him or her to show them to path towards God.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji instructed to focus on meditation of God instead of glorifying a religion. Bhai Gurdas narrates one instance when Hindus and Muslims asked Guru Nanak about who was greater among them. "Priest from both Hinduism and Islam got together and began discussing religion. A great fantasy has been created and no one could understand its mystery. They asked Guru Nanak to open and search in his scripture whether Hindu is greater or the Muslim. Guru replied that without good deeds both will have to weep and wail. Only by being a Hindu or a Muslim one cannot get accepted in the kingdom of God. As the color of safflower is impermanent and is washed away in water, likewise the colors of religiosity are also temporary" (The Vaars of Bhai Gurdas Ji, 1). Guru Nanak Dev Ji stated that religion is just a medium to reach God. 

Some religions proclaim that salvation can only be attained by joining their religion. Sikhism states that "All beings and creatures are His; He belongs to all" (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 425). Furthermore, As the color of safflower is impermanent and is washed away in water, likewise the colors of religiosity are also temporary. There are no religions beyond this world. Sikhism states that just because you belong to a religion does not mean anything. God is not limited to just one religion. Belonging to one religion will not help you attain salvation, you have to purify yourself by becoming a true moral person, help others, meditate on God, and love Him to be One with Him.

Sikhism is pure love towards God and nothing else. The main purpose of Sikhs life is to become spiritual and realize the Creator of the Universe. Sikhism does this very beautifully by instructing Sikhs to lead a simple, truthful and honest life while meditating on God. If one seeks to meet God and attain eternal peace, he should read the Holy Scripture of Sikhs, Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The scripture does not preach Sikhism or tells people to convert to Sikhism but gives an amazing, mind opening and enlightening information about God and His creations. In addition, Guru Granth Sahib Ji shows everyone a straight path to attain salvation regardless of their background or religion.

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