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Sikhism: Do Sikhs believe in equality of all humanity?
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Q: Do Sikhs believe in equality of all humanity?

A: Yes, Sikhs believe that all humans are equal.

One of the major principles of Sikhism is to consider all human races equal, regardless of caste, color, class, culture, gender, wealth, and religion. In the fourteenth century, the Hindu caste system was at its peak in India. Many Hindu priests (Brahmins) believed in the caste system and perpetuated it as much as possible by segregating individuals of lower castes and labeling them as untouchables. People in India, who considered themselves of a high-class society wouldn’t even touch a person who they considered as being part of any lower caste. If touched accidentally, they would take a shower to clean themselves. They also would serve food to their servants and workers on the floor and would themselves eat while sitting higher on some sort of chair or table.

Langar Served in Sikh Church

Sikh Gurus preached to "Recognize the Lord's Light (Spirit) within all, and do not consider social class or status; there are no classes or castes in the world hereafter" (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 349). Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Guru established Langar, a free community kitchen. Langar is free food served in all Gurdwara Sahib, which is prepared by a Sikh congregation and then consumed by them and their guests while sitting at the same level on the floor next to each other since there is nothing lower than the floor. The purpose of the Langar is to both feed the needy and to eliminate any type of caste system. While eating Langar together, there remains no difference between rich and poor, superior or inferior, for all present are eating the same food at the same level. Langar is served in all Gurdwara Sahib around the globe twenty-four hours a day.

Furthermore, by knowing the last name one could distinguish which caste the person is from, Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave all Sikh men the last name "Singh" and all Sikh women the last name "Kaur" so that no one can distinguish anyone’s caste. Everyone is considered equal in Sikhism.

Sikhism states that "All beings and creatures are His; He belongs to all" (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 425). God does not love based on one’s caste or color, He loves all, He belongs to all. In addition, "Sing the Praise of the Immaculate Lord; He is within all. The Almighty Lord controls everything; whatever He wills, comes to pass. He establishes and disestablishes everything in an instant; there is no other except Him. He pervades the continents, universe, islands and all worlds. He alone understands to whom God Himself provides wisdom; He becomes a pure and unstained being" (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 706). Bhai Gurdas Ji writes "The special feature of the Sikh of the Guru is that he goes beyond the framework of caste-classification and moves in humility. Then his labor becomes acceptable at the door of God" (The Vaars of Bhai Gurdas Ji, 1).

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