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Sikhism: Why do we need religion?
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Q: Why do we need religion?

A: Religion gives us moral values and answers the questions that cannot be addressed by science.

Religion has been an important place in the history of civilization. It gives a meaning and purpose to human life and satisfies man's longing for peace and salvation. Religion has been defined as “the relationship between man and the super- human power he believes in and depends upon”.

The goal of religion is getting in tune with the infinite. Moreover, the philosophy of religion is neither ceremony, nor ritual, nor going to the temple, but an inner experience which finds God everywhere. Religion consists of a number of beliefs relating to reality which cannot be proved by science, such as, does God exit?  What happens after death? How did we come into existence? Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? Religion helps to extend the view of an individual beyond our dimensions.

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